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portfolio - UtilityOne LLC

FirstPoint Energy Corporation (formerly Myutility, Inc.) made arrangements to purchase's "UtilityOne platform". I accompanied this intellectual property to the newly formed UtilityOne LLC.

My primary assignment was to create a demonstration CD and website of the UtilityOne platform (representative pages here) for use by the sales staff. The home page relies upon Javascript to toggle the visibility of different <div>s on and off as you mouse over the left navigation, in an early precursor of AJAX.

In addition, I was responsible for modifying the look and feel of the web-based Lighting Efficiency Solution (LES) (non-functional version). LES was written in JSP and designed by FirstPoint Energy to provide owners of small businesses with the opportunity to profile their current lighting and receive information on how to upgrade their lighting so as to realize energy savings.

I also designed, created and maintained the websites for FirstPoint Energy (representative pages) and UtilityOne (representative pages).