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reduce customer service costs


Nationwide, utility customers spend about $350 billion on energy. Utilities spend about $35 billion to manage billing those customers.
Killen & Associates


A live call to a Call Center costs approximately $4, compared to online services of only a few cents.


save time


bottom line savings


It costs $1.25 to print, process and send a bill through the mail compared to $0.40 to process an electronic bill.


Internet use has reached 60% in the United States. As of January 2001, about 162 million people had home Internet access, while 41 million used the Internet in the office.
Neilsen NetRatings


create Internet presence


improve customer service

E-commerce in the energy sector is expected to reach $170 billion in 2003.
Utility Business


UtilityOne™ provides a flexible, integrated platform for utilities to better serve their customers online. Learn more.