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The Smile Paradise

This site was created for a dentist in Kuşadası who caters in part to an international clientele. I designed as well as built this site.

Kuşadası Eagles

I redesigned and (attempt to) maintain this site for the local rugby team.

After deciding that a web professional needs a professional looking site, I contracted with kieran king design* for the design of this site. While Kieran King (whose work I knew from, where we both worked) designed the site, I produced it. I subsequently modified the design (ever so slightly).

This is my personal site. I both designed and built it. While I'll never give a real designer a run for his or her money, I am pleased with the way it turned out. This is a WordPress site.


eMeter is a software products and implementation services company serving the utility market place. I was a subcontractor on this; the design and overall responsibility belongs to kieran king design*. I created "print page" and "email page" functionality in PHP; most other sites that include such functionality rely upon Javascript, but I wanted functions that would work even with Javascript disabled.


"YogaRider is a complete system of training the rider, and through the rider, the horse." I built, but did not design, this one.

Weird Romance

I built, but did not design, this site for a friend; it functions primarily as a personal site.

The Aversions

"A cross between X and the Sex Pistols at their whip-cracking best, The Aversions ungracefully descend from The Avengers, The Ramones, Social D, The Clash, The Adolescents, Stiff Little Fingers." I built, but did not design this one.

Mercy Center

I volunteered to serve as web developer of theMercy Center, an international spirituality and conference center in Burlingame, CA (home page). The site was badly in need of updating at the time. I also redesigned site, streamlining the navigation and designing and creating new graphic motif.

Mercy Center has a group of meditators, who wanted their own site (home page), which I also designed.

A special retreat that Mercy Center was sponsoring, The Cave of the Heart (home page), also called for its own site.