portfolio - Powel-MiniMax, Inc.

Powel Group started as the North American subsidiary of Powel ASA, a Norwegian-based software company; Powel Group merged with Minimax in January 2005 to form Powel-Minimax, Inc. We used services work to get established in the North American market. To that end, my main assignment with Powel Group (and later Powel-MiniMax) was as a contractor to Alameda P&T, where I served as Web Producer.

My first assignment was to rebuild Alameda P&T's site. This original site was entirely static. As time went on, I added additional features, written in PHP and running off a mySQL database that I designed. These features include online cable TV and Internet service ordering, a rate and review TV shows and movies feature (these two features are now defunct, as Alameda P&T has abandoned its telecom line), customer feedback, and an Intranet site to provide Alameda P&T staff with administrative interfaces to these features. For these features, I was the sole database architect and developer.

I am no longer maintaining the successor site; sample code is hosted here.

Subsequently, we created a website for Alameda P&T's public access station, Alameda TV (now defunct; sample code here). This site was entirely static. I also served as the author for (most of) the Monster Island Theater Recipes, which have taken on new life on the Weird Romance site.

Before the merger with Minimax, I was also responsible for building and maintaining the website for Powel Group (representative pages here). This also was an entirely static site.
I also participated in modifications to NetWeb, Powel's proprietary Internet interface to their Oracle-driven NetBas.

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